eaten,英语单词,主要用作动词,作动词时译为“吃(eat的过去分词)”。1单词用法柯林斯英汉双解大词典eaten /itn/1.Eaten

《Eat Or Be Eaten》是Iggy Pop演唱的歌曲,收录于专辑《Zombie Birdhouse (Explicit)》。歌曲歌词 I got nothin' to eat in this old house I gotta go out and catch a mouse I can't be wrong so I gotta be right It'

歌曲: Eaten Alive歌手: Chrome Dreams - CD Audio Series语言: 英语所属专辑: Maximum Radiohead: The Unauthorised Biography发行日期: 2000-11-14V百科往期回顾 词条统计 浏览次数:1125次 编辑次数:1次历史版本 最近更新: 孤单

《Eaten Up Inside》是Korn演唱的歌曲,收录于《The Other Side - Part 1》专辑中。歌曲歌词 I'll die smiling Something perverse someone says to me will Make me laugh And I'll lay back and fade away Let me go I'll

a fungus which grows on rotten plants and is eaten when fresh 古籍释义 康熙字典 【申集上】【部】康熙笔画:18画部外笔画:12画 《集韵》徐醉切,音遂。草名。似菌。又《类篇》徒对切,音队。出,蘧也,谓

food items merely arranged for display purpose only; not to ber eaten; to set out fruit, etc., in plates 古籍解释 康熙字典 【戌集下】【食部】康熙笔画:13画部外笔画:4画 康熙字典 《广韵》都豆切《集韵》

佐餐 zuǒ cān[be eaten together with rice or bread;go with rice or bread] 下饭。佐贰 zuǒ èr[deputy] 旧时指担任副职的官吏。佐酒 zuǒ jiǔ[drink for company]∶陪同饮宴。佐料 zuǒ liào[condiments;seasoning]

There are even a few secular historians who believe that Jesus' body was eaten by dogs, and that his acolytes fabricated the story of a reverential entombment as a sort of coping mechanism.

2.N-VAR In many countries, eggs often means hen's eggs, eaten as food. 鸡蛋 3.N-COUNTEgg is used to refer to an object in the shape of a hen's egg. 卵状物 4.N-COUNT An egg is a cell that is produced


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